My Christmas Eve epiphany

My Christmas Eve epiphany
No one denied that the Savior cared for the poor or that charity was a Christian virtue; but we were taught that Jesus came to save our souls for heaven. … That being so, the Savior's compassion for the poor and marginalized was theologically irrelevant.
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Who Am I to Judge?
is a kind of mantra of the me-me-me mentality where the only virtue is tolerance. The problem and the paradox of this whole … Though they were taught and some may have even come to personally accept Church teachings and tenets related to same-sex …
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PIERRE: Obama's presidential demeanor
… 'em up with worn-out tools:” Obama had little support in protecting himself from the attacks of Republicans but he will eventually come out of it smelling like a rose, making this a society of love, compassion, equality and opportunity for all-such …
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